Book Review: The Lost Dogs

The subject of The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption by Jim Gorant is pretty apparent from the title. This book has been on my “to read” list for a while and I checked it out from the library to read on a plane ride (I’m going on a 4 day trip without my dog or my husband- yikes. I know I am going to come home to a messy house, I just hope it’s still standing by the time I return). Well, my trip started this morning and I may have read the entire book last night in one sitting. Oops. As you might expect, some parts are pretty difficult to read but overall it’s a story of hope. It is a quick read, hard to put down. Despite being clearly (and rightly) focused on the victims of this whole incident, the dogs, and their experiences, the author gives a pretty clear and unbiased account of what happened in the Vick case (at least I think it was). It has a lot of good information about pit bulls and the unique challenges of pit bull rescue. I was so touched by how resilient and loving so many of these dogs remained after all they had been through and I was also blown away by the efforts of all the people who had a hand in their rescue and rehabilitation. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, dog lover or no, especially anyone who may have misconceptions about pit bulls.

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Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

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