Smells Like Dog

I think dogs get a bad rap as far as smell is concerned. I hear people complain about doggy odor all the time, but I can think of plenty of things that smell a lot worse than a dog, even a wet dog. I actually think Pearl smells pretty good. We don’t do anything special to keep her smelling nice; we don’t bathe her all that often and when we do we use hypoallergenic, unscented dog shampoo. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I love to cuddle up next to Pearl and inhale that warm, natural dog smell.

Sniffing a sleeping Pearl

Am I nuts? Is there anyone else out there who thinks their dog smells good?

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About Pearl the Puppy

Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “Smells Like Dog

  1. I get lots of cuddles too and I certainly don’t smell bad. But sometimes my breath’s not the best (especially when I’ve had some of my favourite treat – pilchards for tea) and my bottom can make some bad smells when we’re all watching TV in the evenings (but I just pick someone else in the room to stare at so they don’t know it’s me!! Tee-hee!!)

    Love and licks, Winnie

    • Haha, very sneaky with the staring at someone else in the room to pin it on them. Pearl may smell good to me, but even I will admit she has horrible breath after her favorite treat, a peanut butter filled kong. I think peanut butter breath is pretty bad in humans and in dogs!

  2. I’ve never seen a photo of Pearl before but she is gorgeous! Maybe it’s just because I see my dog everywhere, but I think she also looks a lot like Shiva. The colouring is different but they have the same body types and head shapes. They also have the same adorable white paws. Whatever is in Pearl might be in Shiva too. Who knows?

    I love the dog smell too. 🙂 I remember the night we brought Shiva home from the shelter, one of the first things I said was how happy I was to breathe in that smell again. There is nothing else like it.

    • Thank you! I definitely think Pearl and Shiva look similar (and I think they may have some behavioral similarities too). I actually found your blog because another reader told me that Pearl reminded her of Shiva. Clearly, we both have extremely beautiful (and sweet smelling) dogs 🙂

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