Puppy’s First Snow!

I haven’t been able to post about Max for a while since our power was out for almost a week due to Winter Storm Alfred. Despite having experienced one of the most stressful weeks of my life, I’ve had Max by my side to help me get through.

Since we first got him, I’ve been excited to see Max experience snow for the first time. When the snow started falling (before I knew/believed that an October snowstorm could be that bad) I decided to take Max on a walk. The flakes falling from the sky were huge and stuck to his fur, but for some reason he didn’t seem to notice or react. As we walked along, the snowfall got heavier, the wind strengthened, and the ground started to get slippery. I could barely see six feet in front of me, so we had to turn around and head home. Still, Max didn’t react to the snow. Perhaps because it hadn’t accumulated on the ground yet, he just assumed it was rain (which he also barely notices).

Later on in the afternoon, the snow reached about 6 inches and was still falling. Determined to get Max excited about the snow, I tried taking him outside again. This time, he noticed the snow… and turned into a wild and crazy ball of energy. He ran around in the snow, tried to dig in it, and ate large mouthfuls of it. Although the debris falling from the trees in the front yard frightened him, I brought him to the backyard where he continued to wag his tail and frolic with complete joy.  As I ran around and played with him, I became a kid again. I ran and rolled through the snow right along with Max. Best afternoon ever!

The snow did pose some challenges for Max. With the grass covered, he was completely baffled as to where to do his business. We had to wait until he absolutely couldn’t hold it anymore before he finally realized he would have to pee in the snow. Poor Max.

Since the house has been (literally) freezing all week, Max and I have spent most of our time outside in the sun. Even as the snow melted quickly, Max has savored every moment. If the amount of snowfall last winter and the early start to this season are any indicators, Max will have plenty of time to play in the snow this year!

Max is sitting here with a tennis ball in his mouth, waiting patiently(ish) for me to finish typing and play with him. Time to spend some quality time with my puppy. Good luck to those of you who still don’t have power. Hopefully the lights will be on soon!


2 thoughts on “Puppy’s First Snow!

  1. Puppies definitely help us to see the bright side of things. Glad Max had fun. And jealous that he doesn’t mind rain/snow. Pearl HATES getting wet, although she doesn’t mind the sounds of wind and thunder.

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