My Wish List

I am not necessarily the biggest shopper when it comes to things for myself, but when it comes to my dog I love buying things. I had no idea before I was a dog owner what cool (and expensive) doggie stuff is out there. We live on a student budget so it will be a long time until I am able to buy all of the dog-related things I am coveting, but I am procrastinating now so I figured I would share a few of the things that are at the top of my wish list right now:

1. A Kuranda dog bed– I have heard really good things about these beds. Pearl chews up blankets, pillows, and dog beds, so I would love to get her one of these “chew proof” beds. I find it is easier to work with her on a “go to bed” command if there is an elevated area and she stays better, so of course I have fantasies of sending her to her bed when people come to the door and avoiding the jumping insanity of her greeting them. They are pretty pricey and my husband is probably right when he predicts that she will hate it, but in my mind it will become her new favorite place to nap

2. A sailor’s knot dog collar and matching lead from Mascot- I love the look of these braided collars

3. Hunter rain boots with fleece welly socks– I know these aren’t technically “dog stuff” but walking Pearl in the rain this morning makes me think its reasonable to put it on the dog wish list. After all, it’s because of the dog that I am out walking in rain, snow, and all sorts of terrible weather.

4. The Ruff Wear Sun Shower Rain Jacket with hood- Pearl hates the rain and I think we would stay dry and look super stylish with her in her jacket and me in my hunter rain boots.

5. Through a Dog’s Ear CDs– Pearl is super reactive and anxious not just on walks but in the house. She barks at every passing car and slamming door. We currently leave the radio on when we leave her in her crate, but I think these CDs would be great to try either for when we leave her or maybe to try in the car, another place she gets a little nervous. I would especially love to put them on while I am studying so that Pearl could stay calm while I am working. I have heard good things about them, although who knows if they would actually work on Pearl.

6. Dog Bone Pendant– I know this is another one for me rather than Pearl, but it is dog related. I love it because I think it is simple and cute and not one of those dog themed accessories that go a little too over the top or are too cutesy but it is actually a necklace I would wear. And a portion of the profits go to Rescue Ink, an animal welfare organization.

What dog products are on your wish list?

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About Pearl the Puppy

Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

5 thoughts on “My Wish List

  1. We would love a super roomy crate for me to travel in in the car. I don’t have a crate in the house as I stay on my bed in the kitchen if the folks need to all go out together. I love going in the car but the Lady Of The House thinks for longer journeys I need a crash-proof crate in case someone hits our car from behind.
    Love and licks Winnie

  2. Love the collar and lead and the waterproof coat, although as it doesn’t come in blue….:)

    Hope Santa pops by your blog and makes a note of what you’d like.

  3. I would love to buy a bowtie for Joey. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and went to order it yesterday and it was out of stock.

    Yesterday, I saw a really cool blanket where you have photos put on it. The pictures are in the threads. I would love to have that, but I’m trying to be good and not spend much money.

    I definitely spend more on my dogs than on myself.

  4. What dog products aren’t on my wish list, is a better question. The amount of money I spend in pet stores is quite ridiculous.

    That pendant is super-cute! And I definitely agree that rain boots are a must. If it rains where you are even half as often as it does here, you can’t walk a dog without them.
    The kuranda beds are pretty awesome as well. They use them at my local shelter and the dogs all seem to love them. It’s fantastic how easy to clean they are.

    • I am constantly adding to my list- there are so many cool dog-related things out there. Rain boots ARE a must! After writing this, and a couple days in a row of rain here in St. Louis, my husband told me I could buy a pair for my birthday (which is this month) and I went out and bought them tonight because I just couldn’t wait any longer. Of course, now no more rain in the forecast through the end of the week.

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