Sick and Tired

I have so much to update about but I’ve had a bad cold and have been swamped at school and Pearl has been having her own issues and I just haven’t gotten around to posting. We had an appointment with a holistic vet at the end of last week at some point I really want to post about my experiences.

For now, though, I just feel like whining about Pearl and that makes me feel guilty. After meeting with the holistic vet we are putting Pearl on some supplements, a probiotic, some digestive enzymes, and something called enteric support. The vet thinks that, maybe because of her allergies, Pearl is not able to process and absorb the nutrients she needs from the food we are feeding her, hence her being so skinny even though we are definitely feeding her enough. We also discussed potentially switching her over to a raw diet and how we could do that.

So all that sounds hunky dory, but (with the blessing of the vet) I gave Pearl a marrow bone two days ago. That, or maybe the supplements we are starting, have led the poor girl to have a really upset stomach and she must have gone to the bathroom 10 times at least yesterday. We were in and out all day and she was so restless and itchier than usual. I felt so bad for her but at the same time when you are just getting over an illness and have a ton of work to do, it gets frustrating to be in and out in and out all day and unfortunately I do not have as much patience as I should. I know it isn’t productive to get frustrated with Pearl, its not her fault, but it made me grumpy and short-tempered.

Pearl FINALLY lying down yesterday... how is this possibly comfortable?

Besides yesterday, for the past couple of weeks Pearl has been waking us up an hour to two hours before our alarm goes off at 7. When you are up until midnight or so doing work, waking up at 5:30 a.m. is really not fun, especially for someone like me who needs her sleep to function. Normally, we take Pearl out for the last time at 11 or so. Then she wakes up around 7, we take her on a short walk, she goes to the bathroom, and then we feed her breakfast. After eating she will usually go back to sleep for a couple of hours. If she ever woke us up whining earlier than that it was usually because she had to go to the bathroom or something- after we would take her out we would put her back in the crate until our regular wake-up time and it would be fine. Lately, though, she has been whining if I put her back in the crate after taking her out and also clearly doesn’t really need to go when I do take her out. It is so frustrating! I would ignore her whining, but I feel bad if she really does have to go (especially with her recent digestive issues). I feel like I have set a bad precedent by letting her wake us up by whining every morning, as even when she was sleeping until a more appropriate time she usually beat the alarm by 5 or 10 minutes. I have tried feeding her dinner later, taking her out for the last time later, more and longer walks throughout the day, nothing seems to work. I am so frustrated I just want that extra hour or two of sleep back!!!

It has gotten so I am going to bed every night worried about when the dog is going to wake me up. I just don’t know what to do and this issue is making all the other issues that we are dealing with more frustrating- when she is pulling on the leash or lunging at cats or rabbits when I take her out at 5 in the morning I have even less patience than usual because I am tired, its dark and cold, and I just can’t help being grumpy! I work hard to not show my frustration to Pearl, but my gosh internally I just want to scream sometimes and that makes me feel like such a horrible dog owner! I am dreading dealing with her in rally class tomorrow and just don’t even want to go even though we’ve paid for the class and we already missed last week because I was sick. Plus I hate to stuff her full of treats when her stomach is acting up.

Anyway, I apologize for my rant, hopefully I am not the only one who gets frustrated and discouraged at times. Once I get out of this slump, I will post more about my experience with this new vet, who really impressed me and my husband and interacted well with Pearl.

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About Pearl the Puppy

Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

14 thoughts on “Sick and Tired

  1. Koira gets into phases where she wants me to get up at 3 am to let her out, when she really just wants to wander around and sniff. I just had to get into the habit of ignoring her asking to go out- but, she jumps up with her feet on the door to ask to go out, and if she really really needs to go out and potty, she will be very persistant and add some whining in as well, giving me a clear cue that no, she really does need to go outside.

    For feeding raw, a marrow bone is not really the best thing to start off with. For one, the marrow is super rich, and it is probably the richness that has resulted in the problems you are dealing with now. For two, marrow bones from large animals like cows are so hard that they can crack or fracture your dog’s teeth, so generally aren’t recommended by raw feeders anyway. The best raw food to start with, for most dogs, is raw chicken quaters or whole raw chicken cut into meal size portions. Chicken is a super mild meat, it is easy to trim off extra fat if need be (extra fat early on can cause some loose stools), and has a high bone content. Edible bone is what helps manage stools, so this last thing is great. For dogs allergic to chicken, rabbit is a great meat with edible bone that is very mild and low fat, but a bit more expensive.

    Hope everything calms down a bit and you can get some more sleep! I know just how you feel, I barely can function all day if I don’t get enough sleep at night.

    • Yeah, I know the marrow bone was a bad decision but she’s had them in the past with no problems, before we started on this restricted diet for her allergies. Lesson learned this time for sure, poor puppy. I feel terrible. I am still kind of afraid to switch over to raw but I keep going back and forth considering it. Thanks for the tips about how to make the transition easier if I actually decide to go for it.

  2. Song and I are sending you and Pearl big hugs.

    I could suggest several things for your various problems, but I am sure you’ve already tried them. One thing I will mention, because it happened to a dog my parents had, was laundry washing powder and/or conditioner. They washed anything for the dog in a sensitive powder/conditioner and the itchiness he had cleared up. Just a thought.

  3. Aww, honey, we’ve all been there. They don’t behave badly when everything’s right with the world, they wait until you’re down to your very last nerve before doing that. #truefact :}

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling good and that Pearl’s feeling lousy, too. I hope you can find some time to rest and that you’re both doing better soon. In the meantime, deep breaths.

  4. I can totally relate to your frustration which is totally a result of your exhaustion! Once her tummy issues are cleared up, you might consider putting her crate in a different room. Cali slept in the living room (in her crate) for several months when she was young – once she learned to sleep through the night, we let her back in the bedroom and she graduated from her crate to a bed.

    Don’t beat yourself up – it’s frustrating when your dog is sick, frustrating when you are sick, and we are only human 🙂 I’m with you – if I don’t get sleep, I am a mess! I hope things get better soon 🙂 I understand the frustration of allergies . . Cali has had them for 13 years!! I hope you find some solutions!

    • Thank you! I am soaking up the sympathy 🙂 Pearl was sleeping through the night so well and I like having her in there with us because I worry about her (I am like a nervous first-time mother). Also, we have a roommate and when she is in the bedroom I know she will wake us up before she bothers him. Once we move into our own place this spring maybe I will feel better about ignoring her whining when I know she doesn’t have to go out.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the rough time you are both having. I really hope things improve soon and am sending you lots of love and positive thoughts ion the mean time.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  6. Don’t feel bad, I can relate to being grumpy from lack of sleep in the past too. I think we all get frustrated at times as I’m sure people with non-fur kids do too. Part of the frustration is that they can’t tell you what the problem is, are they just bored, do they have to go to the bathroom, are they hungry, scared, upset stomach or whatever and then feeling guilty because we don’t know.

    • Oh, we have all been there at one time or another, so you should not feel guilty. Sleep deprivation, human and animal illness, yeah that’s quite a mix there. Sending good thoughts! It WILL get better.

  7. i’m just catching up on your blog now, so forgive my late input, but i feel compelled to reply. i’m so sorry that you’re having a rough time of it with pearl, and i completely feel your pain.

    we’re still in our first year with our first dog–our reactive dog with a major whining/attention-whore/sleeping problem–and i often still get extremely frustrated when i need things to be/go a certain way on a particular walk/day/night but they don’t. in fact, i’m guilty of yelling at desmond from time to time or yelling at my husband instead or even breaking down in tears. all of those things make me feel like the crappiest person ever–especially because i’m studying to become a trainer. i mean, HELLO? am i an idiot? no. i’m merely human.

    and you’re merely human. you’re completely allowed to feel any number of things about your dog and yourself and your training and your progress, and you’re allowed to want the other dogs in the neighborhood to all just GO AWAY sometimes. you’re ahead of the game in being aware of all of these things and making the effort to keep pearl out of it.

    as for your sleeping situation, i was very much in your same boat. i don’t know what your whole story is, but perhaps mine can be of some help. i even reached out to the All Things Dog Blog with help for that (

    desmond wouldn’t sleep more than a couple hours at a time, no matter how much exercise he got or what he ate. it had nothing to do with going potty. he wanted attention or to check on us to see if we were still there or something. ignoring him did not work. we tried for two long long long exhausting weeks. he just whined forever. we tried lots of options and nothing worked. finally, we relented and allowed him in our bed (which is what he really wanted) and he started sleeping for longer periods of time. he still rarely sleeps through the whole night (and he is such a fan of waking me up an hour before the alarm) but with him in the bed, i can just scratch his ear and re-cover him with his blanket with one hand and my eyes closed–instead of having to get up and deal with him and then be wide-awake myself.

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