So Pearl’s gotcha day was sometime in March, but being the type of person who forgets birthdays and anniversaries, I have forgotten the exact day. Still, I don’t want to let the month end without celebrating a year of having Pearl as a member of the family!

These are the pictures of Pearl from her petfinder posting (which isn’t actually how we found her, but we looked her up after filling out her adoption application)

This is how the rescue agency described her (her old name was Cora): German Shorthaired Pointer/Terrier Mix:ย Cora is cute, cute, cute! She is about 6 months old was rescued by a group of women who worked at an antique store. They were upset to see her waiting outside in a parking lot in the cold while her owner was shopping. She was a thin, hungry puppy but he did not buy anything for Cora. He was also very rough with her. The ladies offered this man money for her and he gladly gave her up. Cora is now safe in rescue and doing great. She participates in doggy day care and enjoys playing with other active dogs. She also lives with cats. After a long day of fun she can be very loving and affectionate to her foster mom. Cora is precious!

I don’t know HOW she lived with cats, but she certainly was/is cute, cute, cute!

Pearl today:

She may not be the easiest dog in the world (understatement…. she is a b*tch, a pain in the *ss, the most frustrating, high maintenance creature I have ever met) but I love her and I can’t even imagine life without her. She makes our family complete. And maybe by next year at this time I will be able to say “she is a good girl” without laughing. So here’s to an exciting year and being grateful for the smart, fun, goofy girl who keeps me on my toes!

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About Pearl the Puppy

Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

7 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day Pearl.

    When I first had Song I had times of doubt that it would work (mainly on house training issues), but three years down the line she’s mine and I am hers, hook, line and sinker:)

    Hang in there the best is still to come:)

  2. She’s so tall and beautiful! Have you considered lure-coursing? It doesn’t involve much else than chasing a plastic bag on a string way out in a field. She’s got the body of a lure courser.

    Don’t give up! Once you find what works for Pearl — I predict you’ll be surprised at the outcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Aw, Happy Gotcha Day, Pearl! I’m so glad those women rescued her and that she finally found a home with you.

    She’s really pretty, isn’t she? And I LOVE the ears!!!!

    Hang in there, it does get better and easier. She’s really still just a puppy so you’re dealing with that as well as just an ordinary crazy dog (this from someone you know has one of their own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Happy Gotcha Day to Pearl! I am sorry I couldn’t get here sooner to celebrate. I hope you had a wonderful day. You have worked so so so hard to make her life better in the last year and I am sure she is a completely different dog today as a result. Not just taller but also a lot more confident. That last photo shows how close the two of you have become.

    I know you’ve been having a rough time of it lately and I am so sorry your first dog hasn’t been at all what you expected. From my experience, the first year is always the roughest. You and Pearl have no way to go but up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congratulations of adopting such a gorgeous dog full of personality!

  5. goodness gracious, i am SO late right now, but happy gotcha day to pearl! what an adorable puppy she was. i really wish i could see pictures of desmond as a puppy. i bet he had a huge head on a tiny body. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i also completely and totally feel you on that last paragraph. some days, i think about the fact that i have to live with this crazy-ass dog for another almost two decades and i want to bury myself in a hole, but all the calm, loving, playful, happy moments make up for it. and i know if i’m patient and do the work, things will get better. keep telling yourself that, too!!

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