Wordless Wednesday: New Toy!


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About Pearl the Puppy

Pearl is just over 40 lbs of energy mixed with a pinch of crazy. We adopted her in March 2011 from a St. Louis rescue organization called Impact for Animals (now Pet Rescue Network). We are unsure about her age, but we are guessing she was born in Fall 2010. Her background is anybody's guess, but we are pretty sure that she has at least some sighthound in her. She's a whole lot of trouble but a whole lot of fun.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: New Toy!

    • You’re welcome! I was afraid Pearl would destroy it in a second- it takes no time for her to rip apart those dog toys that are like bags that hold a water bottle inside that can be replaced. But so far so good. Pearl LOVES water bottle toys too, though she has no interest in squeaky toys. I guess that is good, I prefer the crackling to squeaking. I just picked it up on sale at Petco- It wasn’t too expensive.

  1. It looks like a lot of fun! I’m also not a huge fan of squeaking, though a few of the toys I’ve gotten for Elka that squeak haven’t been all that bad (The JW Gummy Bear, and the Kong Squeezz with rope toys)

  2. Shiva has one too! I’d actually forgotten about it. I bought it as a lark once and she ended up loving it as much as Pearl. I was worried about it getting wrecked so I put it away and then totally forgot it was there. Maybe I’ll bring it out tonight and we’ll have a party!

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